SmartiPi Touch 1

$21.99 USD

The SmartiPi Touch is compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+,2B,3B,3A+,3B+. It is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 released on June 24th,2019.  The SmartiPi Touch 2 is now available and is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4. 

The SmartiPi Touch is a case and stand for the Official Raspberry Pi touch display. (display not included) The display is secured into the case with four screws. A Raspberry B+,2B,3B,3A+,3B+ is then enclosed in the compartment on the back of the case. A simple door covers the the Pi when it is in the compartment. The ribbon cable that comes with the display connects into the Raspberry Pi DSI port. The stand has a pivot that allows you to adjust the angle of the screen.

  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+,2B,3B,3A+,and 3B+
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi camera V1 and V2
  • Compatible with the Official Raspberry Pi Display

 Studs on front or no studs on front

You have the choice of not having building block compatible studs on the front of the case. Some users like the idea of a smooth front. Please specify at checkout. The building block compatible attachment plate will still be on the back.




 HAT boards can be attached to the back of the case, adding even more functionality. They can be secured with screws to the door. 

The dual micro usb splitter cable allows you to use a micro usb power supply to power the display and the Raspberry Pi at the same time. 

HAT boards can be attached to the back of the case, adding even more functionality.

To change the SD card, you open the door on the back and sap the SD card out. 


It has an adjustable angle which allows you to position in whatever way you wish.


Our handy setup video will walk you through setting up your SmartiPi Touch. It's super easy. has also put together a handy guide on the setup. 

The case is extremely thin in profile. Check out the mechanical drawings here. 

We even have 3d printable accessories available for the case. One example is this back cabinet that you can mount to the back of the case to put your own components. You can download accessories or get them printed here.

The case includes our popular building block compatible camera case that works with  Pi camera version 1 and 2. It has a building block compatible back and can attach to the case on the back building block compatible plate or the front if you choose to have building block compatibility on the front.

We also offer a cool GPIO extension cable that you can route under the case. You can then interact with HAT's at the front of the case. Click here to learn more. 



The case also has threaded 75mm VESA mount holes. Use m4 screw to mount to common monitor VESA mount brackets. 

The stand folds completely parallel with the case. This allows you to mount it to a surface. 

The included small metal screw mounts allow you to mount the case with a minimal footprint. There are made out of aluminum with two screw holes. Use  them to screw the case to any surface. 


The pi can be held in with the door or with the two provided screws. Holding it with the screws keeps your pi exposed to tinker with.

Please be aware that the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi is not accessible.


You can even cut out the knockout in the door with a razor blade and use heat sinks with the door.


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