SmartiPi Touch Pro

Shipping November 2020.  The SmartiPi Touch Pro is a case for the Raspberry Pi Official display, Raspberry Pi, 2,3, and 4, and Raspberry Pi camera. The optional Raspberry Pi camera mount puts the Raspberry Pi camera v1 or v2 directly below the display, creating a symmetrical design. The SmartiPi Touch Pro has no access to the GPIO pins, but instead creates a large cavity behind the Raspberry Pi and display for your own custom electronics and other peripherals.  

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The official Raspberry Pi camera can be mounted behind the lower bezel or the camera cover can be used to hide it. 


The Raspberry Pi is mounted flush at the edge of the display and even includes an optional port blocking part that deters unwanted access to unused ports.

A single USB-C input jack at the back for power eliminates any extra unwanted cabling from getting in your way. 


Two sizes of back housings will be available. These provide plenty of room for custom electronics or peripherals for your project.