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SmartiPi Touch 2
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SmartiPi Touch 2

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The SmartiPi Touch 2 is a case for the Official Raspberry Pi Display, Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi camera V1 or V2. Not compatible with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera. New features include, an integrated camera mount, three interchangeable face plate options, and cooling fan.  Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi display, and Raspberry Pi camera not included.

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Full setup guide available at

 Full list of included features: 

  • Adjustable angle
  • Building block compatible front plate with camera hole
  • Smooth front plate with camera hole
  • Smooth front plate 
  • Door with fan
  • Door with GPIO access
  • USB-C splitter (for use with Pi 4)
  • Micro USB splitter (for use with Pi 2 and 3)
  • Compact mounts
  • 75mm VESA mounting
  • HDMI and audio port access
  • Compatible with  the Raspberry Pi  B+,2B,3B,3A+,3B+, and 4
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi camera V1 and V2. Not compatible with the Raspberry Pi HQ camera.
  • Compatible with the Official Raspberry Pi Display 

Everything shown below is included. Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi display, and Raspberry Pi camera not included.



Easily adjust the angle of the screen to any position. 

The included ribbon cables are attached to the Official Pi display and the Official Pi camera V1 or V2. The longer cable attached to the camera is routed under the display control board.

The display, along with camera and cables, are assembled into the case as shown below.

A building block compatible front with camera hole, smooth front with camera hole, and solid smooth front are included. They can be mounted with included hardware. 


The Raspberry Pi camera is assembled into the case from behind with the included screws.


The Raspberry Pi is then assembled into the back and the ribbon cables attached as shown. The fan can be attached to the 5v GPIO pin (7500 RPM) or 3.3v GPIO pin (4800 RPM)

The fan is a standard 30x30mm fan and can be easily swapped out for another readily available 30x30mm fan. 

Two different back door versions are included with the kit. One door features a punch out that can be removed to expose the GPIO pins. The other door allows the installation of a cooling fan.  Neither door works with HAT boards. 


To use HAT boards  the door must be removed. Standard HAT standoffs can then be screwed onto the Pi mounting studs. The optional back cover accessory can be purchased  separately to cover the HAT board. 


Both door options work with Raspberry Pi versions 2,3, and 4. HDMI and audio out are accessible. 


The kit includes two splitter cables: one for use with the Raspberry Pi 2/3 and display and one for the Raspberry Pi 4 and display. 

Four m4 threaded inserts allow you to mount the case with a 75mm VESA mount. These are also used to mount the optional back cover.

Also included are small mounts which can be used to mount the case to a variety of surfaces. These can be use in lieu of the stand. 

Back cover accessories (not included) can be purchased separately.