SmartiPi Touch 1 setup instructions

SmartiPi Touch 2 setup instructions 

SmartiPi Touch Pro setup instructions  


Camera rotation for SmartiPi Touch 2

If you are using the camera with the SmartiPi Touch 2, you may want to considering using the legacy version of Pi OS, Buster. It is available in the Raspberry Pi imager under Raspberry Pi OS (other). Buster will be supported until 2024. Buster supports raspivid and raspistill which allows you to rotate the camera 90 degrees. Documentation here.

In the latest Pi OS Bullseye, raspivid and raspistill are not supported. 


Camera rotation for SmartiPi Touch Pro


If you are using the camera with the SmartiPi Touch Pro, documentation on flipping the camera image in Pi OS Bullseye is available here.



Camera access via the web browser

In some Pi OS releases the camera is accessible by the web browser. This functionality seems to have been broken since sometime in 2021. But if you are able to access the camera via a web browser, some users have been able to rotate the camera image using the steps below. Replace the 180 for 90 if using the SmartiPi Touch 2. 


In a command line enter

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Then go down and enter the following code above exit 0

v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl=rotate=180

Then enter CTRL+O to write out the file , then
press Enter to confirm and then CTRL-X to exit.

Once rebooted that should have the camera rotated for websites that access the camera.