SmartiPi Touch Pro fan assembly
SmartiPi Touch Pro fan assembly mounted

SmartiPi Touch Pro fan assembly

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The SmartiPi Touch Pro includes this fan assembly with rubber mounts.

Here you can purchase a spare set. This is a 30mm, 5000 RPM fan with 3.1mm holes for mounting. The leads are 40mm with 2.54 male DuPount connectors. The rubber mounts reduce vibration and keep the fan quiet. The mounts are designed for a 2.5mm thick mounting surface, but there is some flexibility in that as they are silicone. 

The mounts would also work with most 30mm / 7 mm deep fans with 3.1mm holes. So you could add a more powerful fan to the SmartiPi Touch Pro. Including our 7500 RPM fan for the SmartiPi Touch 2. 

You can also download a pattern below to use to cut out the fan opening and hole pattern. This is great if you want to add to your own project enclosure. The SmartiPi Touch Pro has this opening on the back side. 

Fan hole pattern PDF drawing


Compatible with all versions of the SmartiPi Touch Pro.